Dawning On

Julia Reidy

Dawning On is Australian, Berlin-based guitarist Julia Reidy’s Slip debut: a razor-sharp précis of pent-up, blazing melancholy on a lone 12-string guitar.

Reidy’s playing is lucid and poised, teasing out elegant inflections from half-melodies, rugged strums, and curious tunings. Her compositions are lingering streams: barely-shackled attacks give way to introspective arpeggiations before resurging again, all spurred on by a yearning, nervous energy.

With the album’s single-track A-side clocking in at just under half-an-hour, this is by some measure Julia’s most comprehensive solo statement to date, and a luxurious listen which revels in the 12-string’s generous resonance. For our money, it’s up there with the finest work of her fellow Aussies The Necks, Anthony Pateras, and Jon Rose.

Dawning On [SLP033] is available on jelly red C65 tape or CD, with download, from February 13th 2017. It comes packaged with a double-sided fold-out A3 poster with artwork by Suze Whaites. Recorded by Owen Roberts and Giulherme Fill. Mastered by Joe Talia.

Plays on The Wire’s Adventures in Sound and Music, Spool’s Out, Crow Versus Crow and Towards The Margins.
Featured on The Wire’s Below The Radar compilation

“…my mind switches between focusing on Reidy herself and marvelling at the twangs and resonances that emanate from her guitar.” – Jack Chuter’s in-depth interview with Julia, ATTN:magazine

“Utterly devoid of the Americana or Indian classical trappings that befall so many solo acoustic guitarists” – Tristan Bath, The Wire

“The sheer intensity with which each note is plucked and chord strummed carries an unrelenting fire.” – Daryl Worthington, Decoder Magazine