Matt Rogers

SK√-1 is the debut Slip missive from British composer Matt Rogers: a suite of solo scorchers belched straight out of the jack of a GravesEnd Casio SK1. Veering between fissured arabesques and apocalyptic anthems, SK√-1 is pumped with a singularly psychotic optimism. Keener ears might detect a manic relation of Oneohtrix Point Never or Heatsick; an eccentric prophet à la Nancarrow or Robert Ashley; a Gameshow Outpatient.

Matt has won the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Composers; held residencies at London’s Southbank Centre and at Tokyo’s Wonder Site; and produced large scale works for the Royal Opera House, Aldeburgh Music, and the New York Metropolitan Museum Of Art.

SK√-1 [SLP028] is available on Flo-Green C30 tape or CD, with download from 9th May 2016. It comes packaged with a recycled card artwork insert by Matt Rogers. Tapes dubbed by Callum Higgins. Mastered by Owen Roberts.

Video for “SK√-1 ▫□▫” by Matt Rogers
Plays on Towards The Margins, Graham Dunning and Cobey Sey‘s NTS shows, and BBC R3’s Late Junction

“…Sour, uncompromisingly obtuse ear-bender…” Boomkat
“…honestly this is pretty damn great…” – Bleep
“…saturated aural spurts vying with spliced blobs of squelch in cycles that push repetition to its most idiotic – and fantastic – extreme…” – Paul Margree, We Need No Swords
“… Matt Rogers goes places that we didn’t even knew existed on his debut, SK√-1. And it only took a Casio SK1 to get there…” – Electronic Beats